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Mise à jour 14h00 > LE RAW EST DEJA DISPONIBLE !!! + TRAD US Complète


Hello les amis !!

Le RAW est disponible à la lecture et en téléchargement dès ce jeudi ! Demain étant un jour férié au Japon c'est normal. La VF arrivera dès que possible !




Clique sur lire la suite !






Spoils US :

Spoil 1 : Véracité : confirmé

Spoiler :

it's all just talking ><
kyubi growls "gngggggggggggggggggg yondaime!'

so they move to another place to talk
why did he put the kyubi in his own son, shit happened, it was tough
Naruto punches the 4th (naruto pwns the 4th people! you heard it here first- kwgod)
minato believed his son would be able to control kyubi's power
naruto: because I'm the 4ths son [he seems satisfied with this]
something about naruto asking yondy about pain and yondy saying he'll find out.
Naruto learns from the 4th that Pain is being used by madara
he tells naruto that when kyubi attacked 16 years ago someone as behind it
he tells naruto it was someone with a mask

naruto remembers tobi

stuff happens and naruto escapes the ball in sennin mode

nagato: you've returned to your senses have you?
next: final battle with pain

yondy lived in naruto's mindso he knew about jiraiya's death
yondy fixes the seal, says his chakra is low and leaves 'in an opportune fashion' kinda like that.


Another short summary:

-The chapter is mostly talking.
-Naruto punches Yondaime for putting 9-Tails in him but after talking he's satisfied.
-Naruto asks for help in answering Pain's question. Yondaime says Naruto will be able to find the answer.
-Pain is being used by Madara who was behind the 9-Tails attack 16 years ago. Naruto realizes Tobi=Madara.
-Naruto uses Sennin-mode to escape the sphere and Nagato comments that Naruto is back to himself.
-Next chapter is "The Final Battle with Pain"

Extra stuff: Yondaime fixes the 9-Tails seal on Naruto stomach and is alive inside Naruto's consciousness and thus knows Jiraiya is dead.
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Spoils traduction française :

Spoiler :
Kyubi grogne "gngggggggggggggggggg yondaime!"

Ils vont donc dans un autre endroit pour parler.

Pourquoi a t-il mis Kyubi dans son propre fils ? Ca s'est passé, c'était difficile

Naruto frappe le 4ème pour l'avoir mis à l'intérieur de lui.

Minato croyait que son fils serait capable de contrôler la puissance de Kyubi.

Naruto : Parce que je suis le fils du 4ème. Il semble satisfait après en avoir discuté.

Naruto demande à Yondaime une réponse à la question que Pain lui a posée, il lui répond qu'il le découvrira par lui même.

Naruto apprend du 4ème que Pain est utilisé par Madara.

Il raconte à Naruto que lors de l'attaque de Kyubi il y a 16 ans, il y avait quelqu'un derrière.

Il précise que c'était quelqu'un avec un masque.

Naruto se souvient de Tobi et réalise qu'il est Madara.

Yondaime vit dans l'esprit de Naruto.

il est donc au courant de la mort de jiraiya.

yondaime fixe le sceau, il dit que son chakra est faible, et part d'une manière opportune, juste comme ça.

Quelque chose se passe et Naruto ressort de la boule en mode sennin.

Nagato : Tu es revenu à la raison, n'est-ce pas ?

La prochaine fois : bataille finale avec Pain.

Sur l'image où Minato est seul : Je crois en toi.

Naruto : Merci...père...

Sur la dernière page : Ses doutes se sont dissipés. que c'est il passé ?

texte sur le coté : Maintenant qu'il porte en lui la 'Volonté du Feu', Naruto entre dans le combat final."

sur l'image 1 (pas la couverture) :
Le titre honorifique qu'il a toujours souhaité était en fait celui de son père... La vérité va être révélée à Naruto.




Images :

Spoiler :


Traduction US complète :

Spoiler :

Page 1:
Title: Speaking with the Fourth!
Side: The far-off figure he idolized was his own father...and now, he tells Naruto the shocking truth.

Page 2:
Text: The Fourth halts the Nine-Tails transformation!

Pain: What power...forcing his way out of the Celestial Terra Blaster
with brute force.

I'll have to enlarge it...

Naruto: RRrr...
SFX: Twitch twitch

Page 3:

Fourth: Now why would I go face someone who's going to tear me to shreds.


Naruto: Naruto...? You know my name?

How do...

Fourth: Heh!
Well, I mean, I GAVE you your name.

You're my KID, after all.

Naruto: Kid?

Wait, you mean-


Page 4:
Fourth: Yep! Like I just said,
you're my son.

Naruto: Haha...


Fourth: This guy never shuts up. Let's go somewhere else.

Page 5:

Naruto: Hehe...

Fourth: I guess the third never told you.

Hiruzen-sama wanted as little information about the Nine-Tails as possible out in the public.

If anyone knew you were my son, you'd have been in constant danger.

...Forgive me, Naruto.

Naruto: Dad...

Page 6:

Fourth: Ngh...

Naruto: Why did you seal the fucking Nine-Tailed Fox in your own son?!
Do you KNOW how tough it's been living with that?!

I'm happy, I'm pissed as hell,
I dunno what to feel?!


Page 7:
Fourth: old are you now?

Naruto: *sniff*

Fourth: Sixteen, wow...
I've...caused you a lot of pain, Naruto.
I'm sorry.

I've caused you nothing but grief...
Some father I am...all I can do is apologize.

Naruto: Whatever...
I'm the Fourth Hokage's son, I can deal.

Page 8:
Fourth: I sealed half of the Demon Fox's chakra inside you
because I knew you'd learn to use it someday...
because you were my son.

I had a very good reason for it...

Sixteen years ago, when it first attacked the village,
I learned something.

Naruto: What?

Fourth: Someone was hiding in the shadows
controlling the Nine-Tails' every move.

He too was a shinobi of unfathomable power.
No one could ever face him without a very unique set of abilities.

Page 9:
Fourth: I'm sure he'll attack again.

Naruto: The Hidden Leaf Village has been obliterated...
Frouth: Right...I saw, from inside here...

Naruto: You saw that?!

Fourth: I know what happened to Jiraiya-sensei, too.

Naruto: Was Pain the one who sent the Nine-Tails to attack when I was a baby?!
Fourth: wasn't him.

Naruto: Then who?!

PAge 10:
Frouth: A man from Akatsuki
wearing a mask.

Frouth: On that night...he saw through every move I tried to make...
He's no ordinary man...I'm almost positive he's giving Pain orders as well.

Naruto: No way! Pain hates everything the Leaf stands for!
His own village was destroyed by us back when he was a kid!

Fourth: I see...
then that's all the more reason he'd be using him.

Page 11:
Naruto: Manipulated?
By this guy behind the curtain?!
Why is he so bent on destroying the Leaf?

Fourth: As long as the current shinobi system remains in place,
we may very well never have peace.

He asked you for your solution earlier...
figuring out the answer will be a long, hard road.

War breeds from our desire to protect those dear to us.
As long as there is love, there will be hate, hate used and directed by shinobi.

While this system remains unchallenged, hatred, that monstrous hatred, will eventually give rise to a new Pain.

Page 12:
fourth: Pain may be Jiraiya-sensei's killer,
but if you think long and hard, you'll realize that he was created by the chaos and strife of our world.

To be a ninja is to be at constant war against hate.
It holds true for all of us.

Jiraiya-sensei made it his mission to end the hate once and for all, a mission he left to you.

Naruto: I can't let Pain go...
I can't let him get away with this!

Page 13:
Fourth: Right...

Naruto: Fourth...tell me.
What am I supposed to do?

Fourth: You'll have to find the answer yourself.
I don't know, either.

Naruto: How the hell am I suppoed to figure out something the Perverted Hermit and freakin' FOURTH HOKAGE couldn't?!
Stop lumping all this crap on me!

If you hadn't noticed, I'm pretty stupid!
I'm not even that good of a ninja!
And plus-

Page 14:
Fourth: You'll figure it out someday.
I know you can do it.

Page 15:
Naruto: Really...?
You really think I can...

Fourth: Hey, a parent always believes their kid can do anything, no matter what.

Now, it's almost time for me to go...
my chakra's running out...

I'll redo the seal...
but this will be the last time...

Naruto: Ngh-

Fourth: The Leaf will grow's in your hands now, Naruto.

Page 16:
Naruto: Thank you...

Page 17:
Pain: The gone?

Page 18:
Pain: There's no longer any hint of confliction in him...
what happened?

Text: The Will of Fire still burns within Naruto, fueling him towards his final battle!





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Spoilers >> # Neo[F]abien-Sama, # Chris73, # Ashitaka.

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